Saying Goodbye


A certain person keeps asking me if it feels real yet, and my response has always been “No.”  I’m the type of person that lives my life and never realizes how extraordinary it could be to others.  I still don’t feel like it’s real, but it’s still happening.  I’m feeling nostalgia for this place I’ve called home for the past 3 years, but am excited for a new adventure and even bigger adventures in my future.

This whole week has been full of goodbyes (and I won’t lie, there were definitely parts to my life here in Knoxville that I am glad to be done with) but others that will be bittersweet.  They say that your time in college will define you and forever change you (I say what you do with your time in college will define you.)  College, by and large, has been an extension of high school – minus the parental units.

I feel like the choices I make now with my life will be more transforming.  However, this could all be a fallacy because in truth, we spend out entire lives changing.  We are not the person we were the day before or ten years from now.  Experience changes us.  Life changes us.  People change us.

But I know that no matter where I go in life and in this world, I can depend upon myself to be resourceful and survive (at least until I die – sorry for the morbidity).  People come and go, and some you want to stay and some not as much, but if college has taught me anything, it has taught that i can make it in this world.

I am a loner by nature and probably always will be, but ironically, my career choice forces me to interact with others on a daily basis.  I am loner and a listener.  I want to hear your stories and share them with the world, and I will travel the world to collect them like precious rose petals.

So here I go!  Goodbye Knoxville!

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