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One reason I love being a journalist, is the exposure I get to a little bit of everything as part of my job description.  One Friday night, while on assignment, I hopped on the bus to cover a concert at the UB Palace.  MNB sponsored the musical competition.  After about 4 hours of music from throat singing to modern boy band music, I grabbed some interviews from a couple audience members and headed home around 2 a.m.  The concert was hard to follow since I speak and understand no Mongolian, but using context clues I figured out most of the details.  Sounds easy right?  Did you forget Murphy’s law?  Despite the fact that I carry MNB creditentials, security pulled me out because I was recording sound and taking photographs.  Because the concert was sponsored by MNB, only MNB could air the content of the program, which makes since, but the security officer didn’t believe me.  After running around to find a translator to sort out the issue, I went back to finish my job.  Did you forget Murphy’s law?  Of course my battery dies during my recording and I have to leave again to find the closest market place to buy more batteries.

I apologize for the poor picture quality.  I had a good seat in person but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a good picture for a photographer.  I need to get a better lens – but that is another post for another day.

Can You Hear What I Hear: 

Of course that wasn’t the end of my night.  Remember my traveling jacket that got left in Moscow and had to travel on its own to meet up with me in UB?  I flew by plane to UB.  Two months later, my jacket went from Moscow to Ulan-Ude to UB, passing from Maks hands in Ulan-Ude to his friends in UB and finally to mine.   But the night of the concert was the night of cross-country calling to arrange a time I can retrieve my jacket, which of course pulled me out of the concert, yet again.

Despite all the distractions, I did get my interviews and sound and listened to some very talented singers.  And the following day, my jacket was returned to me – mission completed! (Although Maks makes a good point – it has traveled more than me, dare I say I am jealous?)  The best part of this adventure of course was the surprise that Maks left for me with my jacket.  As I pulled it out of the bag, two books and starbucks mug falls out – he had given me an early 21st birthday gift!  If you’re reading this Maks, thank you for being a patient and kind friend (and the best Moscow tour guide)!

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