Snap Shot from Around the World


A coconut village in the jungles near the Mekong Delta spend all day making sweet coconut candy to sell. Workers mix, stretch, cut and wrap the candy by hand.

A basket of empty coconut shells lay discarded and forgotten.

Workers wrap the sweet treat in an edible rice paper and then a plastic wrapper for double the protection.

You can also remove the coconut meat from the shells and instead of turning it into juice for candy, you can leave it out to dry and eat it like a dried fruit.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Coconut drinks are sweet and also a diuretic so don't drink before jumping on the plane ride home.

Photos posted on “Snap Shot from Around the World” are pictures from my trip abroad.  I will eventually run out of pictures and would love to give some good PR to your photos from around the world too!  If you would like to share a story and post a picture on my “Snap Shot from Around the World” blog post, please leave a comment and we’ll exchange information!

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