Review of Mojito’s – Midtown, Atlanta


Mojito’s, a small restaurant tucked into the lobby of Midtown Hotel in Atlanta, GA boasts the best mojito in town.  Is this true?  After an evening rendezvous at the posh restaurant, after much sipping of the mojito and eating of Cuban cuisine, the answer is yes and no.  The place is a bit pricey (lesson learned), but it is undeniable how tasty the mojito was.  Would I dine there again?  I would probably go only on a Friday or Saturday night when they have live music, but I’m a laid-back girl that would prefer a beer and pizza night instead.

The food was very good.  I’ve never had Cuban cuisine before, but I enjoyed my seafood delight.  I orders scallops, shrimp and crabmeat in chipotle sauce and steamed, white rice to help cut the heat.  It was amazing!  I ate it all.  There were no leftovers, something my stomach and head are still arguing about.


Rating: 3 stars – Great Service, Good Food, $$


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