Character Analyzation


Her hair is bleached a shade too light to match her pale skin.  Her smile comes quick, and her laugh comes quicker.  She’s clumsy but with a memory to rival autistic savants.  She isn’t memorable if you only look and don’t talk to her.  However, as soon as she’s introduced herself, she’s imprinted in your mind with her friendly nature.  She wants to help but is not afraid to accept help.  Is she a girl or a woman?  I can not tell.  Her inner child is a strong spirit like the heart worn on her sleeve.  She’s a modern Virginia – throwing her daily appearance together under 10 minutes, drinking coffee with her lunch and loving people for their oddities.  I don’t know if I should be careful with her.  She seems fragile, but against all the sarcasm of the world surrounding her, she remains smiling.  Who is she?


I am constantly surprised by how little I know of people in my life.  They are their past, present and future, but I am only acquainted with a fraction of their present.  I will always remain fascinated by people.  They are an endless puzzle.

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