2011 Project

2011 Photo Project

I’ve been inspired by my mother to undertake a photo project for 2011.  I’m not as dedicated as my mother; therefore, I’ve opted for the 52-weekly picture versus the 365-daily picture challenge.  This is the first week of the challenge.

I’m starting off my 52-weekly picture series with a bowl of pecans, because life is nutty.  Within the first week of the new year, my life has taken an unexpected turn.  I’m feeling rejuvenated with new prospects and goals for this year.  But like these pecans, to reach the soft nugget of life on the inside, you’ve got to crack the harder, outer shell.  The trick is learning how to leverage your strengths.  I have no upper arm muscle – a fact that I’m also trying to improve upon in this new year.  However, if you hold two nuts in your hand and squeeze them together, you can splinter the exterior shell to eat the pecan hidden inside.

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