Massive Animal Deaths, Cause for Concern


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Center in Madison, Wis. have a new problem to dissect as a small sample of the 5,000 bird deaths in Arkansas are sent to their laboratories. In an apocalyptic event of dead birds and fish, headlines are reading end of the world.  What should the readers believe?


There is some fishy business about a 100,000 dead fish washing ashore on the banks of the Arkansas River, dead.  There are no explanations, but as more of this story becomes viral, like the increasing statistics of dead animals, more animal deaths around the world are showing up.  Is this a case of the media bubble placing a magnifying glass over an issue unnecessarily, or is this truly the coming of the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar?


The almost singular species death in both incidents has speculations high.  Most of the birds belonged to the redwinged blackbirds and starlings, and they all fell within a mile radius of Bebe, Arkansas. The drum fish seemed to be the only fish species to have been affected in the Arkansas River.  Although there is no correlation between the two episodes, some reports blame the deaths on a chemical called Corexit.  It is a dispersant used to break up oil slicks, like the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s a highly toxic chemical compound compared to other market-used dispersant.


However, some people speculate that it’s overreaching to blame the sudden animal deaths on BP.  The chemicals used to cleanup the 2010 April oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico should have all been dispersed by now.


Another website blames loud noises in the atmosphere to cause the massive bird deaths.  Yet, Bebe has no large fireworks display to mark the New Year.


Some point the blame to military testing of Scalar weapons – a technology that incorporates the transmission of high-energy electromagnetic radiation designed to disrupt geological and biological processes.  The fear of biological warfare is a reality in today’s age.  Technology surprises me as everyday a new gadget is released.  A large percentage of consumer technology originated with military-funded projects, such as GPS.


What is the truth?


The U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center in Wisconsin has been tracking mass animal deaths since 1970.  Scientists say that massive deaths like the redwinged blackbirds and drum fish occur frequently, at least much more often than the average citizen realizes.  With the domestic media highlighting this phenomenon, news outlets around the world have been broadcasting any local statistics of animal deaths, increasing the cacophony of rumors.


According to USGS records, an average of 163 mass-die offs are reported to the government annually.  Disease or toxins cause some, but there are some mass-die offs that remain a mystery.


Either way, I still feel that something is wrong to cause these massive die-offs.  Evolution doesn’t suddenly reverse, causing these animals to forget that the ground is hard and flying full-speed into it is a bad idea.  I will not add to the rumor mill that is already revolving around this story.  My personal belief is that history shows that massive animal deaths do occur – humans are just not aware of them.  However, my intuition tells me that nature would not naturally have taken this path without some external force.

Mass Animal Die-Offs Around the World


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