A Good Night’s Rest – Exactly What the Doctor Ordered


It is no longer sleepless in Seattle, 2011 is sleepless in America.  Although Americans do not have the work ethic of the Chinese, we still manage to fill up our hours with technology instead of much needed sleep.  Despite studies showing college students who spend more time plugged into Facebook and the Internet versus sleeping will make lower grades, the trend continues. As a psuedo-adult, I find myself going to bed at 10 p.m. most nights, if I can help it.  Does this increase my level of productivity?  Sometimes, but not always.  You always have to take studies with a grain of salt because every body has different stress levels before they hit their max.  I’m not sure if my productivity has increased, but I can definitely tell I have more energy.

In the interest of a good night’s rest, I’ve invested in new bedding.  I already had a rug from the World Market several years ago, but now I have bedding to match it!  If you can subtract the odd nicknacks and random furniture that comprises the rest of my room (hobo’s can’t be picky about the furniture they pilfer from others a.k.a my parents), it almost looks like a cohesive room!

I believe I have excellent interior designing skills, but I have no chance to use them.  My life has been (and still is) very much transient; therefore, I’ve never bothered to decorate.  At some point, I will settle down a little bit (maybe) and finally put my designing skills to good use.

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