Dallas v Miami


I always like to root for the underdog.  The need to cheer on the weaker opponent has been ingrained in me from personal experience as the underdog.  But in this situation, the monopoly of the Miami Heat with LeBron James and other powerhouse players left a bitter taste in my mouth between my mouthfuls of queso dip.  I’m not a basketball fanatic, but I enjoy a good game.  My roommate has given me a brief but informative lesson on basketball because she’s a die-hard fan. I never got into sports, mostly because I have the worst eye-and-hand coordination known to mankind.  I’m blind as a bat, which is not very conducive to being an athlete.  Since I didn’t play sports, I never learned the rules, which always prevented me from enjoying a good game as I was lost amongst the technical fouls and goals.

After college, my attitude towards football and other sports changed.  Every college experience comes with the quintessential game day experience.  Mine was no exception.  The game day atmosphere is contagious even for the non-athletes or sports fanatics.  I started to enjoy the games instead of pestering the person next to me about “What just happened?”

However, even with my new found enthusiasm for sports, the final playoff between Dallas v Miami game couldn’t prevent me from missing my bedtime.  Still, it brought a smile to my face when I woke up the following day to find my underdog team had won the championship!

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