Harry Potter 7.2 v Transformer: Dark of the Moon


Yes.  Admitting it is the first step.  I am a Harry Potter fan.  I haven’t been to many midnight premieres, but I did venture out into the wee hours of dawn to watch the last installment in the Harry Potter sequel.



The media reported the last movie as an end of an era for the Harry Potter generation.  Many of us grew up with the seven novels and eight movies, and now we ourselves are graduating college and entering adulthood.  Could Generation Y become Generation Harry Potter?  This is how big this Hollywood sensation has become in our culture.

I had such high expectations entering the movie theatre, which inevitably means I was going to be let down in some ways.  Although the movie stayed true to J.K. Rowling’s plot, the awkward hug shared by Draco and Voldermort combined with the oober cheesy ending of 19 years later left me disappointed.

On the other hand, Transformers 2 exceeded my expectation.  The graphics was phenomenal and the plot took an interesting turn that kept me enthralled.  My only complaint is the wardrobe malfunction.  Despite the large explosions, I kept noticing that Carly’s character found time to change clothes and shoes amid the bombs and shootings.  Watch closely as her outfit changes during her kidnapping and how her shoes are sometimes high heels, sometimes flat, sometimes black and sometimes brown as she jumps out of windows and fights to save the planet.  Although these wardrobe malfunctions do not degrade the value of the movie, I still couldn’t help being distracted as I tried to catch a glimpse of her shoes instead of following the plot.

What have I learned? In the amphitheater of movies, expectations will always fall short of one’s imagination.

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