How do you meet people?


When you are a student, you meet new people everyday by attending your classes and forming group studies.  But how does one meet people when they no longer go to school?  I was pondering this because I’d like to expand my circle of friends but at a lost to how.  It’s no wonder online dating has gone viral with as many dates as there are E-Harmony ads.  However, as a traditionalist, I hope I never have to put a personal ad out for someone to be interested in me. 

I have brainstormed and come up with a few ways adults can meet other adults because the man or woman you meet at the bar should never be trusted:

1) Meet-Ups – look this website up online.  This website offers a way to network with others that share common interests.  You choose a meeting that has a subject that interests you and show up to meet others with the same interests. 

2) Organizations – look up local organizations that would interest you.  I love traveling and meeting foreigners so I recently started attending InterNations meetings.  This organization has a monthly gathering at a restaurant/bar with a casual atmosphere to foster new friendships.

3) Church – if you’re a Christian, this is a no-brainer.  Although I belong in the church-going-group that believes religion is a personal issue and usually don’t talk to others during the service, I still believe that church is a great place to meet the right type of people.  Plus, church-goers are always the most hospitable to new people.

4) My last piece of advice, instead of reading at home on the couch, take your book to a local coffee shop or your laptop to a local wi-fi hotspot.  Just by being out in public, you open yourself up to opportunities to meet others.

Humans are social creatures.  Haven’t you ever wondered why solitude confinement is a punishment in prison?  We are creatures who enjoy each other’s company, feeding off one another energy.  This post is for all those post-graduates who find themselves working in a job in a new city that they know no one.  Meeting new people is not as scary as it seems.

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  1. I agree with 4), I think doing what you can in public is really cool, like you said reading or just surfing the web in a coffee shop, it’d help you meet people but also on it’s own it’s pretty ‘therapeutic?’.

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