E for Eviction or Error?


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Braves v Marlins game was my first introduction to professional baseball, America’s dying
past time in my opinion.  It’s not that baseball players aren’t paid an exorbitant amount of money like all professional athletes but the lackluster draw the sport has been able to rile in Americans.  Football has replaced baseball as the past time of choice.  This is the hard cold facts like the crack of a baseball being flung across the field from a good hit of the bat.

After watching the ballgame, I think many people underestimate the draw of the sport.  Even I did.  I judged before I knew the sport.  I could not pick up 3G in the stratosphere of the upper level seating of general admission so google searching baseball rules was out of the question.  Fortunately, my friend has a friend who worked for ESPN, and after a short phone call, everything was made clear.

If you’re wondering why my baseball posting is titled “E for Eviction or Error?”, wonder no more.  On the score board is listed RHE – runs, hits, and …. Eviction was the first word that came to my mind. Why?  Because it starts with E.  I have always bad with the word association games.

I’ve never been one to watch any sporting event online short of Olympics, but I normally always enjoy a sporting event if I am present at the game.  Being in the court, field or stadium is magically different from sitting on your couch at home.  The first step for a game to pull me in is learning the rules.  I never played sports in school or had athletic friends to teach me.  I know, this may come as a big shock, but I am a nerd.  I don’t really date and have been single more often than not in my life so there never has been a man who could teach me sports.

My knowledge has been ingrained into me by random introductions to professional athletic events.  What have I learned?  Even a dork can like sports.  My favorite game is ice hockey.  I love the brutality – very Spartan of the players.  Football and basketball are a close second.  Due to soccer’s lack of appeal and advertisement in the U.S., I don’t know where to place it on my scale.  I really enjoyed watching soccer with my Asian friends during 2010’s World Cup, and it’s a sport that has more attraction with my international friends.  However, I was surprised by how much I liked baseball.  We have a new contender. Where does baseball fall in my sliding scale of likes?  More importantly, where does it fall on yours?

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