Bodacious Ta Tas


Triva Team-mates

Many years ago, probably over runny, instant mashed potatoes and fried chicken at my high school’s cafeteria, three musketeers dubbed the phrase “Jesus Points”.  One of them probably did something nice, which of course the others would have to mock because it is high school.  However, my circle of friends were generally nice even in mocking each other, so the phrase “earning Jesus points” was coined.

This past week, I’ve more than earned my Jesus points.  While heading to a trivia night with coworkers, I was accosted by a homeless woman with a baby (presumably hers) in a stroller.  She asked for food instead of cash when I said no and was making for my fast retreat.  How could I say no to a baby?  So down the hill into the unknown dark, we walked to a turkey sandwich shop.  After buying their meal, I made like lightening out the door and back towards civilization and the light of the main road.  What did I learn?  I probably should invest in a taser in addition to the mace I carry on my keychain. Or the cheaper solution would be to learn how to parallel park so I can park closer to restaurants.

Did I mention that all of this happened before I started playing trivia?  The memorable question of the night?  In what classic comedy movie did the boob-euphemism “Bodacious Ta Tas” came from?  (See, there was a point to the post title!)

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