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Rustica Pasta

Does your city have Scoutmob?  In my opinion, it is better than Groupon and other discount websites because Scoutmob doesn’t ask for your money upfront.  It’s essentially a coupon on your phone (there’s an app for Scoutmob) that the customer shows the vendor and the discount is automatically taken off.  There is no prior commitment because I bought a voucher.  If I forget to use a voucher, I’m immediately swamped with guilt for wasting money.  With Scoutmob, there is no guilt, no strings, and is incredibly easy to use.  If I happen to be out someplace, I can use the “nearby” function and find local hotspots that have a Scoutmob discount.

My roommate and I took advantage of Scoutmob for dinner at Little Azio’s, where I ordered a delicious Rustica Pasta dish. Can you guess how much I spent? Only $5 for the bowl of goodness that you see above. My friend got a salad and pizza for $6.  Can you really beat a deal like that?  I highly recommend Scoutmob and Little Azio’s – a cute Italian bistro.  They have a Panera setup with customers ordering at the counter and people running the food out to your table.  The menu is huge for a small restaurant, with a variety of pizza and pasta choices. It’s a great choice for a casual date night (with friends or significant others)!

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