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we’ve all been keeping our heads low and working the 9-5 jobs, the world has continued spinning around us.  Below, you can find some highlights from this past week, including some of my own thoughts.

1) Obama vows to fight for big immigration bill – President Barack Obama announced last week his newest reelection, motivated policy to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants brought into the U.S.A. before they were 16 years old.  Obama  signed an executive order to allow these individuals who must have also lived n the country for at least five years, must be younger than 30 years old, must be in school, have a high school diploma or GED, and/or enlisted in the military or honorably discharged.

While I am sympathetic to immigrant children who were smuggled across the border by the choice of their parents to break the law and not their own, for politicians touching the immigration issue  is like holding a hot potato.  While courting the more than 12 million Latino voters for the 2012 election is important to winning the office, it can also give you many enemies. (Check out National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials  breakdown on the Latino vote: http://www.naleo.org/latinovote.html)  Unemployed Americans will view this as an affront to their situation as they continue to struggle from paycheck to paycheck.  Almost 11 percent of U.S. citizens continue to look for jobs and many more continue to be underemployed just to make ends meet.  This could be considered a slap in the face by Obama who is essentially allowing an influx of viable workers into the shrinking job market.  At the same time, others will be offended by his unilateral move that skirts the congressional process.  While I can understand beauty of an executive order that cuts the bureaucratic fat; this move will definitely ruffle feathers on Capitol Hill and in households around the nation.  However, there is no black and white answer to the illegal immigration issue.  When the issue is simmered down to the bare facts that deporting illegal immigrants that are children is essentially holding them responsible for the decisions of their parents, which Spiderman has taught us is not the right answer, what are you left to do but provide a loophole for them to remain in the U.S. Or is there another answer?  Treading the tightrope between the right and left can be tricky when it’s on the topic of immigration.  Politicians don’t want to seem heartless nor do they want to favor immigrants over U.S. citizens.  All I ask my readers to think about when it comes to immigration is the acknowledgement of the two-sided argument.  Each side of the coin has a story and reason.  The final answer will be tough and not everyone will support it, but fortunately, the next president will most likely spend his term retracting and/or nullifying any laws or orders from the previous president.

2) Jerry Sandusky – Is there anyone left  who doesn’t believe Sandusky, former Penn state assistant football coach, should not be kept behind bars far, far away from the reach of boys?  As if all the mounting evidence against the former coach wasn’t enough, the recent revelation that his son Matt was willing to testify against his father convinced me a 100 percent of Sandusky’s guilt.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to step up and speak out, especially against your own father.

The jury of seven women and five men finally reached a verdict tonight after two days of heated deliberating.  Sandusky was convicted of 45 sexual abuse charges of 48 counts charging him with abusing 10 boys over 15 years.  He could now face more than 400 years  in prison. Could you imagine what it would be like to be called for jury duty on a high-profile case like Sandusky’s?

3) Healthcare Reform – The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to pass down their final decision on the constitutionality of the controversial Obamacare law at any moment.  While the idea of free or cheap nexium healthcare would be nice for my pocketbook, the final bill has to be paid by some method.  How is the big question on my mind as a taxpayer?  However you disguise it, the taxpayers will ultimately have to foot the bill.

What many people are up in arms against is the individual mandate that requires every U.S. citizen to have health insurance.  Government subsidized insurance or exchange programs will be put in place for those currently uninsured citizens.  I highly suggest informed citizens to read the hyperlink Washington Post article.  It provides an easily understandable breakdown of what the Supreme Court’s decision could mean if passed.

4) Bullying – Is it just me or is bullying a more prevalent issue today than when I was in grade school?  Cyberspace has provided a whole new dimension to bullying.  However, in a late night discussion with a friend who attended a school that required uniforms, she said the children still found ways to pick on other students.  At my friend’s school, she said it was all about having a brand-name backpack.  If you didn’t have the right brand names then you were bullied.  In my rural town in the suburbs, I didn’t witness much bullying, despite being a minority within a predominately white community.  However, the media has been covering bullying extensively and for a few years as the number of student suicides have increased.  Do you think it’s media hype or is it a very big issue that is being overlooked?

My mother is a special education teacher at a middle school.  I asked for her thoughts on bullying and she told me stories of students at her school.  However, she spoke about the parents being just as big of bullies as their children.  Parents of the students would write hateful remarks on each other’s Facebook walls and on the children’s too.  What a fine example of parenting, no?  From children wearing inappropriate, revealing clothing to bullying, where is this generation heading?  Is this a case of children being children or is this an alarming trend?  Is technology to blame?  Children are receiving cellphones and computers at an earlier age every year.  My nine-year-old cousin wanted Santa to bring him an Ipad several years ago?  Today’s youth is a far cry from my childhood.  I remember the rush of responsibility and excitement when I got a cellphone at 16.  This must be how my grandparents feel about my generation.

I’m not sure where the cycle of bullying begins or ends, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.  Do you see bullying as an issue in your neighborhoods? schools? work?

5) Haircuts – I just received my annual haircut.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.  I get my haircut once a year (at least when I’m growing it out).  I’ve been donating my hair to Pantene/Locks of Love for several years.  I’m lucky enough to have beautiful, strong Asian hair that is perfect to make wigs.  Breast cancer runs in my mom’s side of the family, and while I do not share my parent’s biological coding, I do enjoy giving back to cancer patients.  I donated my hair one year ago.  It’s grown six inches since my short Victoria Beckham Bob.  I’ve got two more inches before I can cut it for Pantene.  I like Pantene’s program because it only requires at least eight inches.  Locks of Love requires a foot.  While I love donating my hair, I also am extremely impatient.  Now that summer has started blasting its 90 degree temperatures, I’m ready to chop off my locks again.  However, I refrained and got a small trim and some short layers to frame my face.  I’ve got at least four more months of growth before I can cut it off.

It’s something about the shampooing process and the salon atmosphere that is incredibly soothing and relaxing.  While a trim isn’t drastic, my hair looks so different and light after the cut.  If  you are like me and hate spending a load of money on your hair (because the universe decided to make women’s haircuts 500 times more expensive than men’s), I suggest you look up your local beauty school.  I went to the Aveda Institute where my hairstylist is a student who will be graduating soon.  A trim and layers only cost me $15! I felt this cost-saving deserved a news alert!

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