Road Trip to Jacksonville, FL

2012 Photo Challenge, Travel

They say that when you are an adult, you can do anything you want.  I keep trying to push that responsibility away because with freedom comes all the strings.  But when my friend came through town in her Honda Fit on her way to a friend’s wedding, I jumped aboard to keep her company on the 12 hour drive (roundtrip).  She is a nurse in the army and enjoys the military perks of staying for cheap on military bases.  We stayed at the navy post near Jacksonville.

While I was not invited to the wedding, it gave me the perfect time to take my weekly photo walk around the waterfront in Jacksonville.

The last time I was in Florida was in grade school on a family trip to visit my grandfather.  Florida has good memories. Good memories are old memories that aren’t remembered as well so they must have been a good experience.  On this past weekend’s visit, I remember the 98 percent humidity, mosquitoes and more than 100 degree temperatures.  It was hot.

Despite sweat soaking every inch of my body and lizards running under the dry leaves beneath my feet, the scenery was beautiful. Since I grew up in the mountains, I find water exotic.  Walking along the waterfront and down the pier is my version of vacation (if you accept the definition of a vacation as time spent away from what we consider our normal).

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