Friday the 13th: Week in News Review


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has an ominous tone that has made it infectious in our society.  People stay at home on Friday the 13th, and buildings don’t build a 13th floor. The culture around this prime number even has a name – friggatriskaidekaphobia.  According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, N.C., fear of Friday the 13th impacts between 17 and 21 million Americans.  Is this fear irrational?  There are many floating theories to explain the Western Hemisphere’s aberrant feelings toward Friday the 13th.  Biblically, Eve offered Adam the forbidden fruit on a Friday.  In addition, Jesus was crucified on a Friday. The Knights of Templar, a monastic, military order, was harangued by France’s King Philip IV on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307.  In general, the number 13 is to auspiciously bad because of its chronological placement after 12 – a number considered to be whole since there are 12 months, 12 zodiac symbols, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 hours on a clock and many other famous dozens.

In recent years, Friday the 13th horror films, along other Hollywood hype, has only further entrenched society’s dubious fear of the number 13 and vilifying Friday’s that fall on the unlucky number.

What do you make of Friday the 13th?  Do you find yourself avoiding unnecessary, risky activities on this day?  Read more about Friday the 13th at the History Channel.

Jerry Sandusky: The FBI has released their 267-page final report on the Sandusky case, revealing how far-reaching the coverup extended into Penn State.  Joe Paterno and university officials have been found guilty of repeatedly  concealing critical information from the authorities.  Really?  Is anyone surprised that Sandusky had helping hands?  The man was convicted of 45 child sex abuse charges over a 15-year period (and that’s only what the public knows).  A serial pedophile who is constantly in the limelight as a stellar assistant coach, winning the Assistant Coach of the Year award twice, doesn’t successfully live a private life unless he has help keeping his skeletons locked up safely.

Why is it that pedophiles are always in positions that place them so closely in charge of children?  Why isn’t the vetting process for these types of positions more stringent?    There is a flaw in our system when a man can continue to molest his students and adopted child/children for more than a decade.

Made in China: Lawmakers (and so should the public) are outraged that the U.S. Olympic team will be dressed in outfits made in China for the opening ceremonies. How dimwitted are the people behind this decision?  Apparently, Ralph Lauren, an American company (but are they really?), are sponsoring the outfits.  They chose to dress the athletes in China-made-clothes.  Ralph Lauren is not commenting.  Does this make you want to rally around the Red, White and Blue patriotic colors of the USA Olympic team?

Personally, I believe nothing with the USA flag emblem should be made anywhere else except for the U.S.  Is it so outrageous for us to want a U.S. flag made from the U.S.A.?

Condoleezza Rice: There are rumors that Rice might be Mitt Romney’s Vice President pick!  One word – yes.  If this happened, there will be a tight race for Obama.  Read more about Rice and Romney’s stances on several key issues at Politico.  I’m a huge Rice fan.  Dare I say girl, political crush?

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