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Shootings: 1st Dark Knight Lawsuit Filed

Americans are notoriously known for frivolous lawsuits. Torrance Brown is the first audience member in the tragic Aurora theatre that has filed a suit. He lost his best friend, A.J. Boik, in the shooting and now blames the theatre, Warner Bros. and James Holme’s doctors for not better monitoring his levitra medication and violent tendencies.

With 12 victims dead and more still in the hospital, I can understand Brown’s desire for justice. However, does filing this lawsuit cheapen the horror and loss of so many other victims and their families? Let’s be honest, the fault lies within Holmes’ psyche. Let us take our cues from actor Christian Bale who visited the victims at the Medical Center of Aurora. Our attention needs to stay focused on healing the wounds both physical and metaphysical in Aurora.


Chick-fil-a’s President Dan Cathy vocalized his stance against gay marriage last week. Cathy’s support of the biblical definition of the family unit has caused a dilemma between people’s taste buds and conscience throughout the nation, but no where more so than the Deep South where Chick-fil-a is more than a fast-food chain but a beloved tradition. In the North, you’ll only find Chick-fil-a in malls and large shopping centers, but down in the South, Chick-fil-a has enough clout to have its own stand-a-lone restaurants. The fun waffle fries and delicious variety of dipping sauces for the crunchy, spicy chicken has its own food category in the South’s food pyramid.

Can the beliefs of the figurehead of a company be reflected on the company to the extent that it damages its profit margins? Since Cathy’s announcement, people have come out denouncing him for discrimination and close-mindedness. I think this is a classic case of people speaking before they think. Has anyone ever been turned away from Chick-fil-a because of their sexuality? No. Cathy’s personal beliefs would only be an issue if they were also reflected in the company’s behavior. While the Christian organization has always shuttered their windows and doors on Sunday to allow their employees to attend church, this action has not done any harm to anyone – unless you count all the hungry, craving-Chick-fil-a patriots who are denied this tasty treat on Sundays.

While you and I may or may not agree with Cathy’s personal views, his company has no history of refusing anyone service (not counting the no shoes, no shirt, no food policy).  He has the right to believe what he wants, and you have the right to believe what you want.  That is the true beauty of the U.S.

3-Cylinder Car

Getting more bang for my buck at the gas station is a continual struggle for Americans. For Europeans, this is an old tale. They have been faced with high oil prices for years and have converted to smaller more efficient cars and a better public transportation system. Will Americans make the same transition? While stuck in traffic driving home from work, I heard a story on the 3-cylinder car comeback. This smaller engine gets better miles per gallon than a Prius without the hefty price tag. They have been around for a while but were never successful because Americans believe “bigger is better.” We have to change our way of thinking. The 3-cylinder car is smaller and can get upwards of 50 miles or more to a gallon of gas – all with no hybrid technology. This type of car is common knowledge in Europe, but now it is time for it to come to America.

North Korea’s First Lady

North Korea’s mystery woman has been revealed as Kim Jong-un‘s wife. Ri Sol-ju’ has made several public appearances with the leader of North Korea, attracting attention like Kate Middleton. This news is a shock to the rest of the world because North Korea is about as open as a scared clam. Could this be a new chapter marked with reform and transparency for the reclusive country?


Who is excited!?!

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  1. So agree about cars in the US. I grew up there and whenever I return there are so many trucks and big four-wheel drive cars on the highway and yet everyone complains about the gas prices. I keep thinking “drive a smaller car”! I drive a diesel Volkswagon EOS. That way I can drive twice as far on the by-product of of petrol.

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