Long Weekend Mode

2012 Photo Challenge, Family, Food

I’m still in long weekend mode, so happy Columbus Day, U.S.A.! Here are a few picture collages I made with Pic Jointer iPhone app while spending time with my family on my three-day-weekend.

My sister, her boyfriend and another friend decided to stubbornly not change our plans of cycling Creeper Mountain Trail despite cold temperatures and imminent rainfall. While the 17 mile trail was not difficult, the lack of a jacket and waterproof gear made the ride miserable. All the pictures were taken before the cycle because I looked like a wreck flying down the trail at break-neck speed to reach the warmth of shelter and promise of pumpkin pie. I had my scarf wrapped over my face – resembling a lot like a unibomber.

The other pictures are my of my beautiful nephew and niece.

I’ve also included pictures of my sister and I eating – what we do best!







I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t catch a cold or worse from cycling through the rain and cold for three hours.

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