First Day in Delhi

2013, Travel


I’ve finished my first full day in India! After a day of touring, I would rename the Delhi as the City of Naps. People were sleeping under every shaded tree and nook in buildings that would protect them from the blistering sun. While I tried to mentally prepare myself for the extreme temperatures of 40 Celsius – nothing could have. I’ve traveled to many hot places before, but India is like a hot oven on 550 Fahrenheit and I’m a baked chicken. It’s also extremely dusty right now because the monsoons have not come yet. The ground is parched and gets kicked up by pedestrian traffic and wind. I haven’t seen the dust storm here like in Mongolia, but I would not be surprised by one.

While I would not say the natives are hostile, I don’t think they are friendly. It could be the urban atmosphere of mistrust that is also bred in metropolis areas in the U.S. or it could just be xenophobia. I will have a better idea as the next few stops on my trip take me to more rural areas of India to experience the traditional life here.

But like most travelers know, say please and thank you, compliment and smile a lot and you will be okay.

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