WIWW: Cheetah Dress

2013, Fashion, OOTD

Asian, Fashion, Kate Greer, Animal Print DressAsian, Fashion, Kate Greer, Animal Print Dress, Nude ShoesAsian, Fashion, Animal Print Dress, Pearls

I’m a huge fan of Marshalls and TJMaxx!  I try and live frugally so I can support my passion for traveling.  However, I also truly enjoy finding a great deal!  When you find an awesome item for a steal, there is a rush of excitement and giddiness (a lot like eating chocolate). Plus, the best part of this dress is not just the low price tag but the awesome full skirt that makes it perfect for swing dancing!

Dress – Marshalls

Shoes – Shoedazzle

Pearls – Vintage

5 thoughts on “WIWW: Cheetah Dress

  1. Great dress! Isn’t it awesome when you leave a store satisfied to have found something amazing and without the guilt of having spent too much?! Sadly, the ATL Marshalls and TJ Maxx selections are far better than the ones here in Ricmond:( Glad I found your blog!

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