WIWW: Better than Organic

2013, Fashion, OOTD

Asian, Fashion, Kate GreerAsian, Fashion, Kate GreerAsian Fashion, Kate GreerAsian, Fashion, sandals, Kate Greer

Do you know what is better than buying organic vegetables (after all your body should be treated like a temple)? The answer is picking your organic vegetables yourself and taking it home to cook up! I’m a big supporter of the organic movement, and this is my soapbox plea to you to join the bandwagon! We have so many more diseases today than ever before? How is this possible? If you go to the source of the problem, it is our food. Do you really think eating foods with pig’s DNA and other mutations good for you? I’ll let you answer that question for yourself!

Top – Thrifted

Shorts – Cut-off jeans from my closet

Shoes – Thrifted

If I estimate the math correctly, this outfit cost less than $50!

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