Blanket Scarf Travel Style

2015 Fashion, Autumn, Fashion

On top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

Walking along the Royal Mile in Scotland.

When I travel, I pick one color to coordinate all outfits around. On this trip to Scotland, I went with black and my favorite travel accessory – the blanket scarf.┬áBlanket scarfs are warm, great for layering and add the perfect accessory.

And a few words on Scotland – I definitely recommend visiting. I was in London for work and took the weekend to visit Scotland for a couple days. We took the train up, which only took four/five hours (depends on you’re the direct train and delays on time) and was a great way to see a bit of Great Britain’s countryside.

Here are my four things I’d recommend doing on a weekend trip to Scotland:

  1. Walk along the Royal Mile
  2. Tour Edinburgh Castle
  3. Hike Arthur’s Seat
  4. Eat Haggis

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