Food Resolutions 2016 + DC Restaurant Bucket List

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I know how to cook, so I try and treat myself to something special when I do eat out. Here are a few eateries I really enjoyed discovering in DC in 2015:

Here are some of my food resolutions for 2016 aka my quest to become a Yelp Elite!

  • I will check-in every place I go and write a review immediately afterwards. At the moment, I usually am good about checking-in onYelp, but I often forget to write the reviews. I’m hoping to utilize evernote app more to help me stay organized on my reviews.
  • I will try and plan my dining out to enjoy new places with new friends (instead of randomly eating at a random restaurant because I have not control when I’m hungry running errands.)
  • Cook from recipes more to challenge myself to learn new techniques. This resolution is getting off to a good start with my Christmas gift of the Texture app, which is a subscription to hundreds of magazines including a plethora of food magazines like Bon Appetit.
  • Be more strategic in planning my cooking so I buy less and use more of what is in my pantry.

When I do plan to dine out in 2016, here are a few places on my DC eating bucket list:

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