In Memory of Kate Spade

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SheInside Dress (exact) / Asos Booties (similar) / Kate Spade (similar)

Kate Spade has been a fashion icon for me for many years. This is my first Kate Spade New York purse.

I couldn’t afford to buy one when I first graduated college and started working, but after a few years of saving I splurged on this classic dome purse in Kate Spade’s signature cream and black. I still use this purse today. Like this bag, Kate Spade’s style stood the test of time, giving confidence to women on main street like myself.

The entire fashion industry mourns her loss, but we all know she is leaving a glittery trail behind her in the skies above us.

This week reminds me that we never truly know what someone else might be struggling with. It’s brave to ask for help, this is a 24/7 hotline 1-800-273-8255.

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