JKosmmune – Best Facial Wash For Sensitive Skin

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I reviewed this facial wash on my Instagram stories awhile back, but I wanted to officially share on the blog because I love this product! JKosmmune was launched in August 2017 with a focus on simplified ingredients – focusing the healing properties of beta glucan to reduce redness in your skin.

The enzyme cleansing powder is magic. They come in individual portion sizes, which is great for travelling. This is the best face wash for sensitive skin too.  Just add a bit of water and the powder will lather up into soap to wash your face. Rather you have oily or dry skin or are fighting acne, this facial wash is for you. To be honest, the most important thing is that you wash your face daily. Do not ever wear makeup to bed. The next step is to find a facial wash that works for you, and I definitely recommend checking out JKosmmune.

JKosmmune was invented by Ann Son, a Korean woman, and Korean women have the most flawless skin.

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