Cape or Poncho?

2018 Fashion, Autumn, Fashion, Winter

Layering is so important in the fall and winter, and my go to layering piece is a cape/poncho. I love this cape because it has zippers so you can open it for easier arm movements. It’s an old one from Gap. So what’s the difference between a cape and a poncho you ask? The shape. A cape is a circle and a poncho is a square.

I’ve paired with a basic, button-up white shirt from UNIQLO and favorite¬†BLANK NYC vegan leather pants¬† (I last wore them on the blog here).

Tip – always look for pointed-toe flats like the ones I’m wearing from Anthropologie as it helps to elongate your foot and make you look tall. I also try and keep to monochromatic colors to look slender despite the bulky layers.

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