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2018 Fashion, Fashion, Winter

Feeling empowered in this red and green ensemble. I’m wearing J. Crew blazer, H&M trousers, and Cole Haan heels.

After working for six years for the British government, I’m jumping to the private sector and moving to a PR agency.

It’s scary to leave a job and start another, but I’ve decided that 2019 is the year of “opportunity.”

I’ve started a new tradition of choosing a word and using that word to remind myself throughout the year of my objectives and goals. In 2018 I chose laughter.

This year, I laughed a lot. I travelled to the Hague, Amsterdam, Portugal, Columbia, Peru and Vancouver. This week, I’m in the Bahamas enjoying some sunshine and a break before I start my new role in the new year. My sister got engaged, and we began planning her wedding. There is lots of great people I laughed with this year.

Next year, I’m going to focus on the “opportunity” of my new job. I plan to learn from my new colleagues, work on my business development skills, and of course continue to bring you along my journey.

If you had to choose a word for 2019, what would yours be?

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