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I am not a winter person, but I do love buying winter coats. Here are my tips if you’re looking for a winter coat. You need a few, and one in each of these categories:

  • Colored Coats
  • Pattern Coats
  • Classic Coats

Do you ever go to a house party and when you go to get your coat before you leave, you have to dig through a huge pile of black coats for your black coat? This is reason enough to invest in a good colored coat.

One of my favorites is my orange ASOS coat, worn here. It’s always easy to spot in a crowd.

The next category is patterned coats, which is super trendy at the moment. The animal print coat has definitely been the hot choice this season. Tweed is one of my personal favorite coat patterns, like this one.

The last category is the classic black, grey, navy or camel coat. These are all solid choices. This coat is worth investing in because it will be the coat you wear the most.

This year, I finally upgraded my old black coat for this one from Zara, which is also available in gray. I love the classic shape and deep pockets. I personally also love its masculine lines. This is my go-to coat for the office and any professional event. I also have a black Patagonia coat, last worn here, that is all practical and is my go-to coat for running errands on the weekend or when it’s just too cold to look cute.

Whatever your style, these are the three types of coats you need to stay warm this winter.

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