Shoe Hack

Shoes are a weakness of mine, and I admit that I own too many. I do try and wear them all regularly to justify owning so many. However, sometimes a shoe is a shoe.

One way I’ve changed up my rotation is through adding accessories to change up how each pair looks, with thanks to SSY Designs. They make shoe accessories/jewelry! Isn’t this a fun concept!

I picked their Azora pom pom shoe jewelz because they worked well with these blue kitten heels that I wear all the time to the office. However, these shoes sometimes slide off my feet when I wear them with hosiery. The added benefit to the pom accents is that it acts like an ankle strap to keep the shoe from slipping off my feet when I walk.

I also like these poms because I plan to wear them with these platform sneakers or these quilted slip-ons.