Spotting the Trends

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Is your Instagram feed inundated with New York Fashion Week trends?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the hottest trends from the week, either catwalk or sidewalk.

  • Ruffles
  • Colored Furs
  • Colors – especially green, lavender and sunset hues
  • White Boots
  • Accessories – including hair barrettes

As much as I enjoy following the latest trends, I very rarely invest in them. Everyone’s style is unique and should work for your life and speak to your individual taste – not what is currently trending. For this reason, my style is my style, despite the trends.

However, I like incorporating them into my style in small ways. At times, when a new trend comes on stage, I may discover a whole new side of my style that becomes an established part of my look and brand moving forward.

For example, I love white, but I never considered white boots as a part of my closet. They’ve been trending for the past few seasons, and I am totally won over by them! I’ve been looking for a few different styles to procure, but these western cowboy boots will definitely be on repeat this Spring!

Similarly, romantic ruffles were spotted everywhere at NYFW, and I’ve been a lover of them for a while (last ruffles worn).

This TopShop Pinafore Spotted Dress is so fun and playful with different size spots and ruffles!

Are you in love with this earring! My very talented friend Anychi partnered with Mindy Lam Jewelry to design a whole line of statement earrings that you much check out! And yes – statement jewelry is in season and on trend!

What hot trends are you looking forward to incorporating into your closet for this Spring?

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