6 Travel Risks People Forget


I love traveling and my personal goal is to go abroad every year. Every time I travel, no matter how many times I travel, I learn something new. Seasoned travelers and newbies alike, we all need to be aware of the potential pitfalls when on our adventures. Whatever the kind of holiday you’re going on, it pays to prepare.

Some people like to wing things when they travel, but I like to prepare. I prefer to plan what I do, where I’ll eat and what I’ll wear. As a frequent traveler, I also prepare for worse case scenarios.

Some things are just out of our control. Even when we think we’ve planned for every eventuality, the strangest things can go wrong.

1. You crash the car rental

This happens way more often than you would think and it’s common to have the odd close shave, often through no fault of your own. It can be tricky navigating foreign roads and sometimes quite stressful. Knowing the car is a rental isn’t exactly reassuring. This is a risk that can be mitigated by making sure you have the most suitable cover, don’t skimp just to save money in the short-term, with a reputable car hire agency. It’s often worth doing, as having a rental car does enable you to visit many places that would be difficult to get to otherwise.

2. A hurricane or flood affects your trip

Natural disasters are more frequent these days and it’s something that is completely out of our control. If one of these affects your holiday, it’s not really something you can avoid apart from preparing ahead as much as possible. Don’t worry though, the chances of a natural disaster are still very small! Travel insurance is a good policy to cover these moments.

3. You contract food poisoning

Most of the food you indulge in on your adventures will be a treat, but every now and then a dodgy meal can upset even the most robust tummies, especially if the cuisine is unfamiliar to you. If this happens to you get plenty of rest and water when you are able. I also always pack antacids.

4. You catch a fever or virus

Check before you travel to see if you need any vaccinations. Sometimes it can be hard to fully protect yourself and some people can even be sensitive to mosquito repellents – making it even more difficult. This one can be life-threatening, so take all the precautions available to you to ensure a safe and happy trip.

5. Your bag is stolen with your passport, credit card or medication

This sort of thing happens far too often and it can be a challenge not to let it spoil your trip. When your belongings are stolen it’s always upsetting, but it can be extra scary when you’re away from home. In advance of your trip, look for the best cover you can find – you should be able to get up to $15,000 luggage and personal effects cover.

6. Zorbing or ziplining

Adventure activities are so much fun, and I really enjoy doing these on my holidays. However, they can be scary at the same time. If you’re going to do something extravagant and crazy on your trip then just make sure you listen to all the instructions and follow the safety guidelines. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play in a zorb ball or whizz along a zipline – both are great activities, especially for groups!

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