Eshakti Spring Dress

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This dress is a statement on its own with its fun print and bright colors! I’ve received so many compliments from wearing this fun dress – especially because it has pockets!

This dress will be perfect for special occasions like Easter brunch or for a Spring or Summer wedding.

I love that Eshakti allows you to personalize with your preferred sleeve length, neckline, and also your body measurements. This bespoke model guarantees you will always fit the garment!

Chicwish Tulle Skirt

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Feeling fancy since today is my Friday this week! I’m off to celebrate my sister’s bachelorette in Sedona, Arizona! I only wish I had the luggage space to pack this tulle skirt.

I’ve never ordered anything from Chicwish before, but my first experience is wonderful! The quality is great! I love how full this skirt is and the femme fatale color is just the right amount of romance.

If you are petite, like me, do carefully look at their measurements they list online. This tulle skirt is a little bit loose on me so I’ll likely always belt or get it tailored in the waist so it sits higher.

Chicwish also sells on Amazon too! I’ve been on an Amazon spend lately – I even got my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding on there. What do you think of buying clothes from Amazon?

Bahamas – Travel & Packing Tips

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Looking for a quick place to escape to over the winter? Check out the Bahamas!

I visited from December 25-30, 2018.

Here are a few travel tips:

Where to stay: If you’re traveling solo (like I was), I stayed at BahaSea. It’s part-hostel and part-hotel. They offer dormitories if you want to share or private rooms. It’s three buildings connected on the beach front, with several entrances to the water and next to Sandyport Beach. It has two swimming pools, good wi-fi and is very charming. A dormitory style room will run about $60-$90 while a private room will be $150-$350. I opted for this because the resorts start at $175 but average about $250 a night, but during high-season (December to mid-April) it can be much higher. Atlantis is the most popular resort since it’s basically an entire island with water park, aquarium and so much more. Baha Mar is also a very popular resort too.

Booking tours: The Bahamas is very touristy and felt like there were more Americans than locals. There are not too many options in terms of different agencies; therefore, there is not much shopping around for pricing on tours. I’d recommend booking in advance as that is always cheaper than booking last minute. You can show-up without booking anything (as I did), and it will work out, but it will likely be more expensive.

If you stay on Nassau, there is more things to do than staying in Exuma. This is what I opted to do, and I’m glad I did. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is a big parade/party downtown Nassau that is called Junkanoo – it’s Bahama’s version of Carnival. It starts really going at midnight and runs well into the next morning.

You can still go to Exuma for the day to swim with the pigs. You can book a boat tour for about $200 in advance and $400 last minute. Power Boat Adventures is one of the main agencies that offers the boat tours from Nassau to Exuma. If you are unlucky and have bad weather during your trip, your boat tours may get cancelled (this happened to me).

The other option is to fly to Exuma. I used the Exuma Escapes for my day tour. They charter a flight in the morning and tour runs from 10am to 4pm. I did not have the best experience since the pilot was late so we didn’t get to Exuma until closer to 11am and the tour guide rushed us to make us fly out at 2pm. I felt very rushed, but they are friendly. I would not recommend this tour, but other tourists I spoke to also said they felt rush on their tours. My guess is that is the case for most of the tours.

If you do stay in Nassau, I’d recommend you eat at the Fish Fry, a strip of restaurants just outside of the downtown area that has local, authentic cuisine. There is a great bus system on Nassau that allows you to go basically anywhere on the island for $1.25 a trip. It’s definitely a culture experience to ride the bus with locals. The drivers can be friendly to erratic and fast drivers. I loved the experience and it let me get around the island since BahaSea was about five miles from downtown Nassau.

All in all, the Bahamas is beautiful. The water is the most beautiful shade of blue. If you love beaches, the Bahamas will be your paradise. There are pretty areas to go snorkeling, and you can rent kayaks, jet skis and do other water sports.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend a long weekend trip!


Packing for Bahamas:

Here are the items I packed on my trip:

  • Swimsuits (I wore a different one each day)
  • Swimsuit cover
  • Light-weight jumpsuit
  • White shorts
  • Blue and White striped dress – anything nautical theme
  • Wedges
  • Sandals
  • Water shoes
  • Eila Chérie Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Jean jacket
  • Hat
  • Eila Chérie backpack

I loved bringing my Eila Chérie backpack on the trip, because it was just the right size to fit my kindle, my camera, phone and water bottle for a day at the beach! If you’ve got an upcoming beach trip and need the perfect bag and sunglasses for your holiday, check out Eila Chérie. Between now and March 9, 2019, you can get a 20% discount with promo code “KATESTYLE”. And you can also feel good about your purchase because Eila Chérie will donate 10% of each sale this year to the Global Fund for Women.

If you’re looking for other destinations to visit in the Winter, check out Iceland. There’s amazing glaciers and you can see northern lights better there in the winter!

Underneath It All

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I talk a lot about outerwear, but today, I’m talking about the essentials of any closet – your underwear and bra.

Today, I’m baring it all to share with you unmentionables that should be mentioned – thanks to True & Co.

They are a San Francisco based, female-run and operated company dedicated to making better bras based on feedback from their community. Before purchasing, you take a “fit quiz” to help you select the perfect pieces for your body.

I’m wearing the True Body Triangle Racerback and matching True Everyday Cotton Thong. I love that it is seamless and is as comfortable as a sports bra but as chic as my Victoria Secret bras. These have just enough padding so you can wear them underneath t-shirts or fancy blouses without showing how “nippy” it might be outside.

I will also definitely be packing these for my holiday travels this season. They are super comfortable, while still providing enough support for long car rides, train rides or flights – however you are getting home for the holidays this year.

I’m also rooting for Idris Elba to be the next James Bond – who else is with me?



Portugal Guide

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Portugal is a beautiful country and well worth a visit! The best time to visit Lisbon is either from March to May or September to October, because the weather is still warm, hotel rates are cheaper and there are fewer crowds than in summer. All that said, we went in July – the dead of summer. It was very touristy, but doable and not as bad as some places I’ve visited.

We combined Lisbon, Sintra and Porto on our week trip.

Pack your walking shoes, the tiled streets of Lisbon are gorgeous and you’ll want to spend the majority of your time walking aimlessly through the historic district. When you get tired, hope on the train, which will take you around the entire city. One of my favorite things about Portugal is that all the houses are colorful and many are covered in azulejos or blue tiles.

Portugal is known for its great food and port, and we did a Culinary Backstreets eating tour on our first day to help us learn about the culture through its food and drink.

There are also many great churches and museums, which we stumbled into at random.


We used Lisbon as our hub, and took a day trip to Sintra by train. It’s only about an hour by train and 30 minutes if you decide to rent a car. We opted to not rent  a car so we could both enjoy the views from the train ride and not worry about getting lost. Sintra has so many castles to explore! I would recommend budgeting a full day. We slept in so missed the early trains and only had a half day in Sintra and just didn’t feel like it was enough. Also, pack your sneakers, you will do a lot of walking in Sintra – and a lot of it is up and down and up and down.


On the way back to Lisbon from Sintra, we stopped in Cascais, which is a small town on the oceanfront. We got there in time to watch the sunset and grab some food. However, if we had more time, we could have enjoyed the beaches before heading back to Lisbon. You could easily budget a day in Sintra and then spend the night in Cascais and have a full beach day before heading back to Lisbon.

We then headed up to Porto, which is a smaller version of Lisbon and is less touristy. I toured the Palácio da Bolsa, caught the view of Porto from the Teleférico de Gaia, stopped by the Lello Bookshop to admire its whimsical staircase, which inspired the moving staircases in Hogwarts Castle, and took photos at the most instagrammable location in Portugal – the  Capela das Almas, an old monastery from the 18th century that is covered in azulejos (blue tiles) that depict the story of St. Francis of Assisi.  

Pattern Mixing Florals & Polka Dots

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I’m still recovering from our trip to Peru and Columbia!

I’m mixing it up with two fun patterns – florals and polka dots today with this ASOS skirt and Zara blouse. This is definitely out of my comfort zone, but it’s good to mix things up a bit. These are both sold out, but I’ve linked to similar items below that would work well together.

Shop this style: