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Black, Dramatic Peplum Top

2019 Fashion, Fashion, Favorite Features, Winter

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

  • “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

This is one of my favorite MLK quotes, and it’s very apt for my focus on seizing new opportunities this year. Even though I can’t see where the end of 2019 will take me, I’m taking it one step at a time.

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! I’m styling one of my favorite trends – monochromatic.

As a petite woman, I love the monochromatic look because it makes me look tall.

I opted for a dramatic peplum top and fun printed heels to add some interest and detail to the ensemble.

The top is versatile as well. I plan to wear it with shorts for going out in the summer!

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January, self-care, winter, petite, fashion

Love Yourself

2019 Fashion, Fashion, Favorite Features, Winter

January is definitely the self-care month. Everyone is thinking about ways to start the year off right with good habits.

Here are a few tips on how to focus yourself and treat yourself:

  1. Take the 16 Personalities Test
  2. Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix
  3. Treat yourself – spa day? new hair cut? manicure/pedicure? dermatologist appointment?
  4. Exercise
  5. Grocery shop, meal prep and eat healthy
  6. Book a holiday/vacation

I took the 16 Personalities test and it said my personality was an “executive.” I’m loyal and enjoy having fun, but I find it difficult to read other people’s emotions and can be stubborn. Basically, this test nailed me. Examining yourself and understanding your personality is always healthy.

My partner says: self-assess, self-correct, and self-promote.

Understanding who you are and being aware of your flaws is the first step so you can correct and push yourself to be the best version of you.

I enjoy having a clean space, and let’s be honest, everyone is watching Marie Kondo on Netflix because it is too cold to be outside in January. As she would say, find the joy in your “stuff” and chuck everything else out. I always try and start a new year with a closet purge, which is really hard for me because I love clothes. So if I can do it, so can you! (I will admit I’ve only managed to get rid of a few things… so need to do more purging.)

After you finish, you will be emotionally exhausted so you should treat yourself. For me, I booked a hair appointment to trim off the dead-ends from coloring my hair last summer. It’s weird how something like dead-ends can add stress to your life without you realizing it. Anything can count as treating yourself though:

  • Was there a yoga outfit you really wanted to buy to inspire you to workout?
  • Do you bite your nails; therefore, you are in desperate need of a manicure?
  • Have you always wanted to get a Vitamix so you can make smoothies at home?

Exercise. Hit the gym. No one likes to do it, but you will better after you do. The first step, get a gym membership. A lot of places are running special promotions in January. For example, I’m trying out Gold’s Gym for the first three months. I also have a smartwatch to track my fitness – remember this blog post where I shared my 30-minute high-intensity-interval-training and 10-minute ab workout and this awesome Misfit Wearables?

I personally feel better when I’m eating healthier. Over the holidays, I definitely overindulged in my favorites snacks, desserts and fast food restaurants (recalling all the road-trip food ). I find the best way for me to be eat well with my schedule is if I meal prep on the weekend.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I love travelling. My personal goal is to leave the U.S. once a year. This year, I’ve been thinking about Cuba – leave your comments with tips and recommendations of places to go this year!

I love travelling, and when I book a holiday I immediately get excited because now I have something to look forward to for the year. If you don’t like travelling, booking any form of holiday or special occasion would work. The idea is that if you know you have something exciting planned for later in the year, you know there will be a reward for all your hard work.

Don’t give up! You can do it! (Or at least we can struggle to do it together!)

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Snow Day

2019 Fashion, Fashion, Favorite Features, Winter

Happy Snow Day! Did you get snow? In Washington, D.C. we got snow over the weekend and woke up to a winter wonderland!

Unfortunately, D.C. is not Southern enough that this snow would call off work. (As a child in the South, we used to get snow days from school if there was a forecast of snow!)

So if you’re like me and making the trek into the office today – try one of my favorite winter office looks – sweater dress and knee-high boots. This combination looks professional and is also very comfortable.

This sweater dress is an old one from H&M, but I’ve linked to a few great options below!

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Sweater Weather with Lou & Grey

2019 Fashion, Autumn, Fashion, Favorite Features, Winter

Stay warm by layering! I’m wearing a Lou & Grey sweater, which I love because their fit is loose. I’ve paired with high-waisted American Eagle jeans and over-the-knee boots (last seen here) to keep the proportions balanced. I wear these two pieces all the time. They are a staple of my winter/fall closet. These boots are so comfortable and the quilted detailing adds the right amount of interest. They are a dupe of the more expensive Stuart Weitzman (linked below).

If you’re shopping for scarves this season – try a simple two-toned scarf like this one from H&M. It’s very versatile and I like the simplicity. I wear it all the time! Also try something surprising like a faux fur hat to cap off your winter looks. This one is made from baby alpaca fur. I bought it at an animal rescue shelter in Peru. It’s such a fun memento from my trip and also helps make a  statement with my winter style.

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Modcloth poppy dress

2019 Fashion, Autumn, Fashion, Favorite Features, Winter

This fit and flare poppy dress from Modcloth is currently on sale! I’m wearing the XXS and it fits really well – although a bit longer on me than it appears on model. It looks more floor-length instead of midi-length. However, it still looks nice and works well as long as I wear heels or wedges.

I love floral prints and any dress with pockets! What I love most about Modcloth is that their vintage take on modern style makes every piece very unique. Here’s to 2019 and standing out in the crowd!

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Fa la la la la la la

2018 Fashion, Fashion, Winter

Feeling empowered in this red and green ensemble. I’m wearing J. Crew blazer, H&M trousers, and Cole Haan heels.

After working for six years for the British government, I’m jumping to the private sector and moving to a PR agency.

It’s scary to leave a job and start another, but I’ve decided that 2019 is the year of “opportunity.”

I’ve started a new tradition of choosing a word and using that word to remind myself throughout the year of my objectives and goals. In 2018 I chose laughter.

This year, I laughed a lot. I travelled to the Hague, Amsterdam, Portugal, Columbia, Peru and Vancouver. This week, I’m in the Bahamas enjoying some sunshine and a break before I start my new role in the new year. My sister got engaged, and we began planning her wedding. There is lots of great people I laughed with this year.

Next year, I’m going to focus on the “opportunity” of my new job. I plan to learn from my new colleagues, work on my business development skills, and of course continue to bring you along my journey.

If you had to choose a word for 2019, what would yours be?

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Express plaid coats

2018 Fashion, Fashion, Winter

I love plaid coats this winter. This one is from Express and it’s back in stock and on sale! Plaid and tweed are very versatile. I love this long winter coat – this is a great length to keep you warm.

I’ve paired with these new Vince Camuto over-the-knee high boots that I can’t stop wearing. Burgundy is a great color for footwear and accessories in the fall because it goes with almost everything.


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Green on Green

2018 Fashion, Fashion, Winter

This holiday, I love doing monochromatic looks with reds or greens. This hunter green mini skirt is from H&M and the top is Loft, but they work well together. You don’t have to have the exact same colors to do monochromatic well. I’ve paired with my new favorite black booties from Nine West. I’ve been looking for a pair that is pointy-toed to elongate my legs and chunky heels so it is comfortable to wear at the office.

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Cape or Poncho?

2018 Fashion, Autumn, Fashion, Winter

Layering is so important in the fall and winter, and my go to layering piece is a cape/poncho. I love this cape because it has zippers so you can open it for easier arm movements. It’s an old one from Gap. So what’s the difference between a cape and a poncho you ask? The shape. A cape is a circle and a poncho is a square.

I’ve paired with a basic, button-up white shirt from UNIQLO and favorite BLANK NYC vegan leather pants  (I last wore them on the blog here).

Tip – always look for pointed-toe flats like the ones I’m wearing from Anthropologie as it helps to elongate your foot and make you look tall. I also try and keep to monochromatic colors to look slender despite the bulky layers.

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