How to Pack for any Trip

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My friend recently asked me for some packing tips so I sent her a whole list of recommendations for her upcoming trip to Japan. Most of my tips came from preparing for my own trip in December. This whole exercise though made me think that there were probably lots of my blog readers with the same question, how does one pack like a pro?

A leisure trip is different than a work trip, but here are my suggestions I gave to my friend that would work for basically all situations.

To pack like a pro, pick a color and only bring things that are part of that color family and would compliment it. Therefore, if you are one of those people that doesn’t mix brown and black, then don’t pack black purse and brown boots. Essentially, pack things that can layer together. There are a few things I always recommend packing no matter where you travel.

Always pack:

  • scarf
  • stripped top
  • jeans
  • white/black tank top

For my trip in December, I packed this red J. Crew vest and flannel top and it was perfect for layering!


What bag to bring?

The answer to this question can depend upon on the type of travel trip you are taking. I’ve been personally looking at this Tumi convertible backpack/crossbody. I like that it can be worn as a backpack and as a crossbody. I also generally always go with black as my theme color so this would be a great travel bag investment.

However, for my trip in December, I got this Madewell transport crossbody. It’s lightweight, has a zip closure, which is good to prevent pickpocketing, and it doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself. I generally don’t wear anything too flashy when I travel because I don’t want to be targeted by thieves or mischievous youth.  Madewell also lets you monogram the bag for free!

Madewell Transport Crossbody Bag

What shoes to wear?
When I travel, even for work, I always go for more comfortable shoes. There are a lot of great flat options that look great and are also super comfortable. I have a pair of black flats from Anthropologie that are my favorites for travelling. It was from a few years ago, but this is a similar option:
Slides are also very popular at the moment. I really like these brown ones as an option:
If you’re going somewhere tropical, you could consider Soludos:
Oxford flats are also very trendy. I’d recommend a burgundy one because it would be more versatile of a color but any neutral color works.
For my trip in December, since I was travelling through the desert, I wanted to bring booties along. My thought was that they would prevent sand from getting into my shoes better than tennis shoes. This ended up not being true, but they worked really well nonetheless for all-purposes. I brought my Frye booties with me on my trip, but I would recommend any booties from an outdoorsy brand would be comfortable. Don’t buy booties from ALDO and expect them to be comfortable all day. You’ll have better luck going with a brand like Clarks.
I hope these tips help for your next trip you have to pack for!